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Use our education video library to gain knowledge on our programming, coaching and principles in the weight room.

Rest and Recovery Strategies
In-Season Programming Overview
Purpose Of In-Season Training
Vertical Pulling (Chin-up/Pull-up)
The Clean Grip Deadlift
The Snatch
The Split Jerk
The Push Press
Basketball Program Overview- Off-Season
Basketball Program Overview - In-Season
Coaching Cues And Techniques For The Back Squat
The Power Clean
The Overhead Press
The Bench Press
Sprinting and Rest Intervals
Do We Need to Power Clean Our Athletes
How to Prepare for a 1 RM
How to Input Program Into TeamBuildr
Baseball Off-Season Program Overview - Position Players
Baseball Off-Season Program Overview - Pitchers
Baseball In-Season Program Overview - Position Players
Baseball In-Season Program Overview - Pitchers
Spread Tempo Program - Day One Core Exercises
Coaching the Metcon - Tactics and & Equipment
Spread Offense Tempo - Day 4 Auxiliaries
Spread Tempo Program - Day 3 Auxiliaries
Spread Offense Tempo - Day 2 Auxiliaries
Spread Fast Tempo Program - Day 1 Auxiliary Exercises
Spread Offense Tempo - Day 4 Core Exercises
Spread Offense Tempo - Day 3 Core Exercises
Spread Tempo Program - Day 2 Core Exercises
Spread Fast Tempo Program Introduction and Overview
Single Leg Squat Progression
Chin-Up Progression
Bench Press Progression
Snatch Progression
Jerk Progression
General Athlete Development Program Overview
Tempo Training
Why Do We Squat Deep
Football Program Overview
Primary Movements, Regressions and Coaching Cues
Power Clean Progression
Squat Progression