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Grading System

Custom Grading System Dashboard

Create customized grades for athletes based on 3 elements: Lift progression, completion of workouts, and workout attendance.

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Bodyweight Dashboard-1

Pre/Post Practice Weigh-In Dashboard

Enter body weights for individual athletes pre and post practice.

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Guide to Side Hustles eBook

In this eBook, you will learn the steps and processes needed to establish your business.

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Annual Plan-1

Annual Plan Dashboard

Plan out blocks and phases along a 52-week calendar with a customizable start point.

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Attendance Report-1

Advanced Attendance Report

Break up rosters by team, class, or grade level and set ranges for expected vs attended lifts to generate attendance standards.

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Body Chart

Wellness & Body Report

Access dashboard to view trends and areas of athlete-reported pain and soreness attributed to specific body parts.

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GPS Dashboard

GPS Monitoring Dashboard

Use with any GPS system that allows you to download reports. Tune into specific metrics for your whole roster, position groups, or individuals.

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Speed eBook-3

Summer of Speed eBook

Learn the methods & foundations of speed development, tips on designing and implementing a sprint session, and key lifts and drills that will make your athletes faster.

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Sport Coach Dashboard-1

Sport Coach Dashboard

Strength coaches can customize reports for athletic teams and share with sport coaches. You will be able to automatically send email notifications to coaches to check their teams' report.

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Fatigue Monitoring-1

Fatigue Monitoring Dashboard

Quickly obtain athlete readiness information based on vertical jump ability to help add context to training decisions.

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eBook systems based card

Systems-Based Approach To Using TeamBuildr

Examples on how TeamBuildr can help you to facilitate an efficient, robust and collaborative system.

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Tactical eBook

Tactical eBook

Learn how to approach these populations with few resources and gain a better understanding of what having a career in the tactical space looks like.

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eBook productivity tools card image

*New* Productivity Tools For Strength Coaches

We've put together a list of productivity tools that will help strength coaches unplug, refocus, and avoid burnout.

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eBook APRE GUIDE card image

APRE Guide To TeamBuildr

PDF Guide on implementing and utilizing APRE programming in the TeamBuildr platform.

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eBook 23 ways card image

23 Ways Coaches Use TeamBuildr

Learn how coaches use the software at the high school, college, pro and private level. Get tips and tactics to do more than programming. Use team- or individual-specific methods to create highly specific programs.

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eBook 6 hacks card image

6 Hacks to Save Money in the Weight Room

Using creative methods to find or make equipment and leveraging relationships with vendors.

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eBook plan weight room card

Strategically Planning a Weight Room

NHSSCA strength coach Lee Weber discusses how to plan a new weight room from start to finish complete with guides on ideal design progression to sourcing vendors.

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eBook athlete lifestyle card image

Nutrition, Recovery & Sleep: Ultimate Guide to Building Athletes

Step-by-step guide on the "4 (Not So) Secret" pillars to athlete success. Scientifically-backed principles as they relate to nutrition and supplementation for athletes. Strategic guides in accomplishing better sleep cycles.

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eBook young athlete card image

Young Athlete Recovery Program

Best practices on post-practice/game hydration, sleep and nutrition. Includes option for instructional videos on stretching and foam rolling.

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eBook 51 ways to motivate card image

51 Ways to Motivate Your Athletes in the Offseason

How to create a point system that drives competition and gets results. Motivating athletes using testing and assessment. Incentivizing with props and rewards that athletes actually care about.

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eBook 9 myths card image

9 Myths Strength Coaches Need To Challenge

Here are 9 myths that the strength and conditioning industry needs to destroy.

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eBook winning over AD card image

Ultimate Guide To Winning Over Your Athletic Director

Understanding of the economics behind the AD position, salary, and benefits to the school.

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eBook 7 ADs discuss card image

7 Athletic Directors Discuss Strength Programs

Athletic Directors discuss how to use technology, boost participation, and ensure safety.

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eBook sandbag training card image

Sandbag Training Program

5- Week Hybrid sandbag strength training program that incorporate dumbbells and plyometrics.

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Team Strength Tracker

Team Strength Tracker

Track your teams strength averages overtime with our free excel template.

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eBook financial tools card image

Financial Tools For Strength Coaches

A complete list of personal finance tools that will ensure strength coaches thrive on their budget no matter what size it is.

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eBook aquatic training card image

4-Week Aquatic Program

free sample aquatic training & recovery program with a focus on training recovery and rehabilitation created by a D1 collegiate coach.

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erica suter 2

Total Youth Female Athlete Fitness

Erica Suter's Total Youth Female Athlete Fitness is a 15 module video course on training the young female athlete to perform at her best, as well as be resilient to injury.

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