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available on iOS and Android for both coaches and athletes

Native Mobile Apps

The mobile app comes free to coaches & athletes with any TeamBuildr subscription. In addition to delivering every athlete their workout, the mobile athletic app provides communication through private messaging and community through our Team Feed. Athletes will also access their goals, progress, videos and leaderboard on the app for a complete experience outside the weight room.


The Importance of Providing Mobile

Enabling the use of our workout progress tracker app when training athletes remotely allows for a better coach-athlete feedback loop. Athletes not only access workouts on a device they will always have but can interact with their workout via videos, track their progress, know their strength thresholds and interact with their teammates.

  • Free on iOS and Android
  • 1RM tracking, progress graphs, workout history and goal feedback
  • Team Feed with PR posting and image/video uploads
  • Leaderboard updates and team messaging

Training remotely is not ideal but a reality for many strength programs. Creating the best of this situation can be done with a mobile app solution that creates a more interactive experience and makes the workout program more accessible resulting in higher compliance.

The Problem

Running workouts remotely lacks the interaction that a digital tool can provide. Printing paper packets and emailing PDF's is an effective delivery method but the benefits end there. Posting workouts online help with improving the accessibility of workouts but is not compatible with today's mobile athlete.

Any one-way delivery method misses the opportunity to allow athletes to track progress and for coaches to consistently communicate with athletes remotely.

The Goal

  • Create a 2-way dialogue when training remotely
  • Provide digital resources such as videos & prescribed weights
  • Improve communication with athletes via workout tracker app
  • Create a "social setting" for athletes/clients to interact daily
  • Visualize athlete progress

“All of our Brute athletes utilize the TeamBuildr mobile app to follow our industry-leading programming including multiple CrossFit Games athletes. The capability and user experience this app provides is one of the top reasons TeamBuildr is the technology provider of Brute Strength.”

Mike Cazayoux

Founder, Brute Strength