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Weight Room View


Turning weight rooms paperless


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Less Screens, More Work

Weight Room View (WRV) is a tablet feature which allows 4-8 athletes to receive their individual training, including prescribed loads and intensities, using tablets in the weight room. 

Athletes can also input their performance data back into the portal which then acts as a data-collection hub and works with any web-connected device including Android, iPad, Amazon Fires, Chromebooks and more.


The "Weight Room View" Solution


Weight Room View is a solution for weight rooms looking to overhaul technology for faster performance.

  • It is used by thousands of high schools, colleges, professional clubs, and private facilities
  • It provides the ability to collect data from athletes without slowing down the training session
  • It is compatible with any web-enabled device - we can help with tablet and device selection
  • We can provide options for mounting tablets to racks - or finding alternatives to rack-mounts. 

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Let us know how many racks, tablets, and athletes you have and we will get back to you with an estimate for Mob Armor mounts.

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lebanon high school weight room view

“I have a lot of athletes and I wanted the best way to track their individual progress. Weight Room View is much more streamlined than any alternative I found. It eliminates the issue of athletes not having smartphones or having 100 smartphones on the floor. It's super fast.”

Frank Cremonese, Head Strength Coach

Frank Cremonese

Head Strength Coach, Upper St. Clair HS (PA)
NHSSCA Regional Leader
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