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Online Payments Portal

Whether you are a 100% online trainer or a strength coach looking for a side-hustle, our Online Payments Portal platform is the smoothest way to build a business training athletes and clients online.

*Included with any paid TeamBuildr subscription.

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Discover Our Features
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Easily Add Your Programs

Any program you build in TeamBuildr can now be listed as a product in the Payments Portal. Our workout calendar makes building programming fast, easy and 100% customizable.




Set Your Pricing and Billing Frequency

Sell your programs monthly, quarterly or yearly. Payments Portal was designed to allow you to run your business on our platform. We take $0 fees and want to see your online business grow!

Set Your Billing



Programs And Subscribers


Manage Programs & Subscribers

Our powerful platform allows you to manage programs and subscribers without having to log into Stripe. Whether it be promotions, free trials, or whether your customers want to upgrade or switch programs, you can process those requests right in the payments portal in TeamBuildr.



Branded Mobile App on iOS & Android


  1. Get your custom app icon on iOS home screen
  2. Search and download "TeamBuildr" from iOS app store
  3. Icon will convert to custom icon once downloaded and signed in

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14-Day Free Trial
Discover Our Features