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International Customers


Case studies + how we improve international professional strength programs

Arsenal FC (Premier League)

The Premier League teams writes its programming and testing protocols using TeamBuildr to bring its training online.


West Coast Eagles (AFL)

The 2018 AFL champion has been programming training on the TeamBuildr platform for 4 years.


Chiefs Rugby (Rugby Union)

Super Rugby's Chiefs took their training online in order to centralize performance and testing results.


England FA (National Team)

Under the consultation of Perform Better, England's national team utilizes TeamBuildr to distribute training programs to team members.


Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

The large sporting body can centralize it's training protocols and share performance data across the platform with other teams and staffs.


Arsenal FC (Premier League)

West Coast Eagles (AFL)

Chiefs Rugby (Super Rugby)

England FA


Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)


Health Care

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Proud to work with over 100 international professional teams and institutes of sport.

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