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Tactical Strength and Conditioning Software


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How TeamBuildr Works in Tactical Settings:

TeamBuildr serves the tactical strength and conditioning community in a variety of ways. Namely, our strength and conditioning software is used in Tactical S&C for its user-friendliness, as an alternative to Excel, and to collect training data directly and digitally, creating the ability for trainers to quickly analyze performance data. Additionally, the TeamBuildr platform allows for precise, detailed prescription of appropriate training programming with video instruction via our mobile platform.

According to the NSCA, more education of soldiers/operators is needed. Most soldiers/operators will have a basic understanding of training, likely unable to determine a quality training program from a poor one.

First Responders Package

Package Includes:

  • Platinum subscription
  • Additional downloads
  • Annual planning dashboard, wellness & body report, fatigue monitoring dashboard, tactical ebook and sandbag training program
  • Onboarding and support from the Director of Tactical, RK Barker
  • Sports Science Hub dashboards (Wearables & Load Monitoring)
Tactical Elements
Wellness v3
  • Programming Samples
    • Fire Academy Prep, Fire Academy Physical Training, Police Academy Prep, Police Academy Physical Training, Training for Law Enforcement Officers, Programming for Firefighters
  • Robust documents & links section with information on health, wellness, cognitive performance, and nutrition from experts in the field and Trusted TeamBuildr Referrals list.
  • Built out health & wellness questions & questionnaires
  • Access to webinars and Q&As with industry experts throughout the year
  • Additional service packages from select contributors available with purchase.
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"We chose TeamBuildr because of their reputation initially. The experience for the cost cannot be beat. TeamBuildr understands the constraints of military budgets and worked with us to find the right subscription options. Anytime we experience an issue, I can go to the team and know I will get a response in a timely manner."


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Josh Dempsey

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FusionSport Smartabase Integration

The leader in providing AMS services to the Military integrates fully with TeamBuildr in order to sync S&C data directly from TeamBuildr into their Smartabase platform. This integration provides robust analysis with various other data points into one interactive, customizable dashboard, providing a more holistic view of tactical professional performance.

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Data Security

  • TeamBuildr is ISO-27002 compliant and is continuously updating its security protocols
  • Data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the Eastern Region
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Weight Room View

Our flagship tablet app which delivers workouts efficiently at any time in the facility to operators.
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S&C coaches, nutritionists, cognitive therapists and other wellness professionals can design customized questionnaires delivered directly through our app.
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Physical fitness testing module allows for customized evaluations to be built and deployed.
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Programs can be loaded onto mobile devices or printed packets for use abroad and in absence of Wifi.
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Powerful Programming

Ability to program and track a variety of exercise types: Lifts, Metcons, Conditioning including Runs, Rows, Airdyne, Vertimax, etc. using %-based intensities.
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TeamBuildr’s reporting functionality lends itself well to the tactical environment; including our data migration to Smartabase’s powerful reporting system.
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"TeamBuildr provides our unit with a 'One Stop Shop' tool to manage all of our training programs, data collection and reporting."

Kenny Circle

Kenny Esquivel
25th Air Support Operations Squadron
Honolulu, Hawaii

Download a Tactical S&C Infographic by Science for Sport

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