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Tactical Strength and Conditioning Software

How TeamBuildr Works in Tactical Settings

TeamBuildr serves the tactical strength and conditioning community in a variety of ways. Namely, our strength and conditioning software is used in Tactical S&C for its user-friendliness, as an alternative to Excel, and to collect training data directly and digitally, creating the ability for trainers to quickly analyze performance data. Additionally, the TeamBuildr platform allows for precise, detailed prescription of appropriate training programming with video instruction via our mobile platform.

According to the NSCA, more education of soldiers/operators is needed. Most soldiers/operators will have a basic understanding of training, likely unable to determine a quality training program from a poor one.

Tactical communities leveraging TeamBuildr's strength and conditioning software include:

  • Armed Forces & Special Forces
  • Fire, EMS, Police
  • S.W.A.T

Programming: Our platform allows for programming of tactical strength training, MetCons, cardio work and more; performance tracking is logged for all training.

Evaluations: Our testing module allows trainers to create custom Evaluations in order to input and store data over time. 

Integrations: We integrate with four different AMS systems for programs that want to aggregate all training and recovery data in one place.

"TeamBuildr provides our unit with a 'One Stop Shop' tool to manage all of our training programs, data collection and reporting."

- Kenny Esquivel
Kenny Esquivel - MS, CSCS, CES - Brant Wojack
25th Air Support Operations Squadron
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Download a Tactical S&C Infographic by Science for Sport

Key Features


Wellness questionnaires can be custom built to monitor a tactical population at all times and notify trainers when something isn't right.
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Weight Room View

Rack-mounted tablets give soldiers access to their daily training programs at all times. Also available on off-site mobile devices.
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Visual Reporting

A clean interface also provides easy-to-use reports to track compliance, KPI trends and workload monitoring.
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