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Line Wave BKG v2

Create Your Own Tests

"Evaluations" is a fitness testing software module that lets coaches create their own athleticism test, whether it is a strength, conditioning or movement screen. Data is automatically saved as it is entered and is accessible via the Reporting module in our fitness evaluation software.

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Maxes PR Popout v2

By Individual or Group

With this fitness tracker software, coaches can set goals for individuals or groups (standard setting) for lifts, runs, speed/agility, circuits and bodyweight. Goals can then be used to assess athlete proficiency in different areas such as Upper Body Press, Lower Body Pull, etc.

Keeping Athletes Accountable with Goal Setting

Once a coach designates a goal 1RM or metric for an athlete or group, the individual will have access to their current max, goal and be given a fitness goal tracker on their mobile app. Using TeamBuildr's built-in 1RM formula, athletes have a chance to change their current 1RM each time they enter data for a working set, preventing athletes from having to wait till test day to see their progress and results.

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"It's important to our clients that we demonstrate and document their progress. Even better, our business can perform this service easily and paperlessly using TeamBuildr."

Robin Young

Owner & Head Coach, ForFitness Athletics