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Max Tracking

comprehensive tracking for any method

Track Any Max

Whether you test for 1RM's or multi-rep maxes, our rep tracker platform has you covered. The TeamBuildr weightlifting tracker module gives coaches the option to use two 1RM formulas that automatically project and track weight lifting maxes over time. Additionally, coaches can choose to "lock" working maxes or have them change based on working set performance. Whatever your method, we can do it with our fitness tracker software.

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How We Track and Store Maxes

With our fitness tracking software, coaches can choose to track exercises for 1RM, multi-RM, and RPE max. When tracking for 1RM, coaches can choose to use a formula that will project a 1RM based on working sets which then determines the 1RM for the next session. Even "link" exercises to one another in order to generate sub-maxes based on a 1RM (Eg: Front Squat 1RM = 85% of Back Squat 1RM). Yep!

The Problem

Max tracking can be tedious in terms of recording and tracking. Athletes often do not train with their appropriate training max and sports coaches do not always have easy access to recent strength trends.

1RM testing athletes can yield inconsistent results, can be unsafe and steals time from actual training!

 The Goal

  • Record and store max data in an easy-to-access way
  • Leverage 1RM formulas to project maxes over time
  • Use maxes to yield prescribed weights for a variety of exercises
  • Aggregate maxes in visual reports that are easy to generate

Automating APRE Programming

TeamBuildr is the only online software to build out the Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise protocol in its software. Download our free eGuide to read about how we save coaches hours of time programming with APRE.


“Having utilized TeamBuildr for more than 3 years now, our program has consistently gotten better as they continue to progress their software. Constantly using data to define the status of our players is a big part of our athletic program and TeamBuildr allows us to do that.”

Henry Barrera

Director of Performance, Liberty University