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teambuildr reporting feature


easily visualizing strength & conditioning data

Offering 16+ Reports

Our platform offers up to 16 reports that are easy to run and export. Whether you are looking to map progress over time, identify strengths vs. weaknesses, or visualize the effectiveness of a strength program, this fitness workout software has you covered.

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The Problem

Data is not useful unless it is actionable. Often times simply aggregating and visualizing data in way for it to work can be inefficient to the point where most programs do not run extensive reporting. Even for strength programs that practice regular reporting, not all data is collected or not every desired fitness data visualization report is created due to constraints.

The Goal

  • Report data in ways that are visually effective
  • Generate reports in an efficient amount of time
  • Expand use of data via Excel import/export
  • Create actionable insights that transfers to competition

Download Reporting PDF

Download this complimentary PDF that summarizes each of the reports TeamBuildr offers.

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"I run reports weekly on Teambuildr. It’s incredibly easy to compare training blocks; we now obsess less on test day since we’re getting a more consistent feedback loop. Consistent reporting lets us focus more on the day-to-day rather than every 6 weeks."

Greg Adamson

Asst. Strength Coach, University of Tennessee